Thursday, March 26, 2009

Black Ops Thursday

by John D Ramsey

The month of March has nearly vanished and I have been mostly silent. In the past, I have tried to write about faith and family and not so much about me. Yet, my silence deserves an explanation. Recently my job description changed. I speculate that with any change there is a window of opportunity to capitalize. If the foundation is not set, then over time it becomes more difficult to build incrementally. Bad habits become intractable. For the last month, I have been focusing on building foundations at work. Even so, progress seems incremental. On the job, I know what I want. I am still struggling to accomplish everything. Of course, I cannot do it all, so I must motivate others to help me.

I have started arriving at the office two hours earlier in the day. I have stayed later on most afternoon or evenings. I have worked more from home. I have approached my work with intensity. I have encouraged, or demanded intensity from those who now work for me.

In the midst a difficult economy, I am thankful for a job that pays well. I am thankful that Lisa and the little girls are thriving. I am thankful that each night when I do arrive home, that we sit down together for a dinner that Lisa prepares.

To cope with stress, I have begun exercising more. Tonight I exercised less – my Blackberry intervened, and I did not complain.

At work, I am aggressive. I know the difference between aggressive and arrogant. Arrogance imposes oneself into the path to another’s success. Ultimately, I am working to make my manager and the business successful. I understand that aggressiveness without deference can become arrogance – other people have goals and responsibilities. If they are to be successful they need my cooperation, too.

Ultimately, accomplishing the job is a series of decisions. Some decisions will be better than others, but I choose action over inaction. Inertia works both ways. I am trying to build momentum toward the goal.

What is the goal? If I do my job well enough, and make enough right decisions, then I become expendable because process replaces personality. If on the other hand, I become indispensable, that would be failure.

Luke 19:17

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