Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mt Pleasant Sunday

This morning we drove up to Mt Pleasant in time for church. I recorded Dad with my MXL USB.008. Somehow it acts differently on Windows 7 than it did with XP. It shouldn't on the same laptop, but somehow I couldn't keep it from clipping even with the gain switched to -20db. That I forgot my shock mount probably didn't help, but the audio is clean enough (Lisa is still coughing from her recent bout with cold or flu).

After church we went to "the farm" for a dinner of smoked turkey, hash brown casserole, home baked bread with butter and Gabby's crabapple jelly.

Pat, Jo, Lee, and Barbie joined us for an afternoon of food and fellowship. Nine people crowded around Dad's table for pre-Thanksgiving feast.

I didn't record dinner, but here is Dad's sermon . . .

Joy and Justice

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